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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Shoes Store

I adore shoes! I love going through the shoestores at the mall even if it's just to browse at all the different styles and types of footwear available. When one of my friends told me they had bought a pair of shoes online I thought to myself "how dumb when you can't even try them on to be sure they fit right." After another person told me the same thing I finally asked why they would buy online when you can't even try the shoe on. You can't see or feel the shoe to judge if it's good quality or a piece of junk.

The answer was interesting. Most online shoe stores have fast shipping, great return policies and guarantees. (known as the web's most popular shoestore) will even pay for shipping (4-5 days) and they offer free return shipping. They also have an unbelievable 365 day return policy. Some footwear listed even has reviews from customers who have bought them. will ship internationally and is said to be the world's largest site for shoes. They both offer free shipping and return shipping.

When you take into account that online shoestores are not restricted by the space limitations that you find in stores that live in the real world, you'll see how much easier it it to find the style, color and size that you're looking for, particularly for those who require wide and narrow widths or smaller and larger sizes.

Being able to easily navigate the website is another important factor. It should be easy and fast to find exactly what you're looking for. Visit Angie's Shoes Store and knock yourself out shopping for mens, ladies, and childrens footwear.


At 12:32 PM, Blogger Fashion said...

I love to buy Timberland shoes......coz i have everything right with this...lovely ....


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